2006 Barbera Santa Barbara County

Mandolina Wines : Solvang, California : West Coast Wine Club
Originally planted from cuttings brought from Italy’s legendary vineyards, Lucas & Lewellen’s Italian varietal vineyards of Toccata thrive in the Los Alamos Valley, where warm summer days and cool coastal nights provide the perfect growing environment. Louis Lucas, a pioneer in the development of the Santa Barbara County wine industry, carefully tends to the vines’ every need, just as his ancestors tended their vineyards near the Adriatic Coast years ago. Winemaker Megan McGrath Gates keeps true to the vines’ Mediterranean heritage, masterfully blending ripe fruit into aromatic full-flavored wine, while maintaining the varietal character that has made these Italian wines popular for generations. Toccata features thirteen distinct wines from estate grown Italian grape varietals and unique blends including the Mandolina line. From the Los Alamos Vineyards, this wine brings an unmistakable cranberry aroma infused with ripe, black cherry which is fresh and clean. Added notes of complexity come from a spicy melange of sage, cumin and black pepper. Typical of Italian reds, this wine is quite soft and low in tannin. This wine is ready now. It was crafted for maximum versatility with food, ranging from pizza and pasta and other Mediterranean inspired cuisine to typical American fare like simple grilled meats such as chicken, pork or beef.

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